Logo design process

A new name a new logo! It might sound easy, but for a perfectionist like me, this comes very precise. It has to represent Lillygrace and express it in every aspect. Usually, I design and fabricate everything myself but I thought it was time to bring in a professional to tackle the matter. Graphic designer Stefan Lubitz of Loope caught my attention and a great cooperation began.

After a thorough visual research and making the new look & feel of Lillygrace clear, Stefan got started. Many sketches followed and a huge variety of logo design concepts were sent to me, which I replied with my feedback. Conceptualizing the logo and afterwards the business card was an exciting process which added even more pleasure to the whole adventure of creating Lillygrace. Bit by bit ideas matured and developed where as at one point my heart was beating faster for a certain logo, it was love at first sight. Some more fining and shaping for perfection the logo was complete.

The Lillygrace logo consists out of a handmade “L”, which is rotated in steps of 60 degrees and makes an elegant ornament. This modern touch with the strong classic letters represents what Lillygrace stands for – Fresh and elegant, contemporary, original and unique, to timeless and classic.

Lillygrace, jewelry by Anne Renkema.