Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

~ This blog is especially to remind all men of February the 14th ~

Yes guys, Valentine’s Day is coming up again and it is coming soon! Forget this year the box of chocolate or standard red rose and go for something special this year. Something thoughtful, something unique, something everlasting… Something from LILLYGRACE!

I know choosing a special and exclusive present can be sometimes a bit frustrating for you men, so to make it easy for you I selected the top 5 of Valentine’s jewelry best sellers:

  • A beautiful set of red roses! Silver ring with rose and matching earrings. Available in cream white, fusion coral, lagoon, purple orchid, black, and of course red, the color of love. For the lovely price of: € 80 for the ring and € 15 for the earrings.
  • Let her sparkle! A stunning ring with synthetic aqua spinel. In silver € 320 but of course also possible in gold with a diamond.
  • A unique necklace made from blue colored coral, with silver ornaments, a cream white flower and silver ball clasp. Can be made in any length and different colors of flowers. The necklace in the picture is 50 cm and costs € 150. Matching earrings are available for just € 45.
  • Colorful, jet high end silver earrings with enamel paint. Here in apple green and red € 95 per set.
  • A modern and timeless silver pendant. Available in different sizes and finishing. Choose for example for a high polish finish at one side and a brushed finish at the other side. Average price pendant € 60, necklace € 30.

All prices mentioned are estimated prices and can vary according to size, finish, length and silver & gold market changes.

So, be original this year and go for a personalized and unique present from Lillygrace! A present that will surely make you score LOVE points.

Don’t know her ring size? With Lillygrace you won’t come empty handed and we got all your worries covered. Surprise your loved one with the ring of your choice in a beautiful box and if it doesn’t exactly fit you can come back with her and Lillygrace will make a new ring in the perfect size. Don’t be afraid of making the wrong choice! Even if it’s not her taste you can always change your purchase at Lillygrace!

See you soon,

Lillygrace, jewelry by Anne Renkema

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