How to sparkle in 2018

Hello dear jewelry lovers,

How is your year going so far? I am all refreshed and back with some new designs swirling around in my head. 2018 is in full swing again!

From old to new
From 2017 to 2018! Let’s turn this year an old piece into a stunning new piece of jewelry. Have a look at your jewelry collection, which piece do you wear the least and ask yourself why you wear it less. If the length of the necklace is not good, or the ring size is not correct anymore, come to us and we can most likely easily adjust it for you. Or maybe you inherited a beautiful brooch and you simply don’t wear brooches? It’s a shame to let it sit in your draw, contact Lillygrace and we can together redesign the piece. Often a few little changes make it look all modern again, but we can also reuse the materials; melt the gold and make a total new piece out of it! There is A LOT possible, just come to us with your piece and be part of this magical redesign process.

New jewelry
I’d love to let you all in on the excitement of my new jewelry pieces that I have been making and added to the Lillygrace collection. One of them is a very special (engagement) ring with a twist. This 14 karat polished red gold ring is holding a pink tourmaline. The solitaire ring can be made in various karats of gold and in all colors of gold. Of course I can set any kind of brilliant cut diamond or other precious gemstone in it. I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to share this new ring with all of you, please have a look at my website where you can also find the other new designs:

14 February
Valentine’s Day serves as an important reminder to take a step back from the day-to-day in order to show some appreciation for the loved ones in our lives, whether they be partners, friends, or family. With Valentine’s Day only two weeks away, I thought it would be an excellent reason to finally change that old piece of jewelry into something sparkling and new, or to indulge yourself or your loved one with a new piece of Lillygrace jewelry.

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