Summer jewelry care

It’s almost officially summer time and here in Israel the temperatures have risen long ago already. The great thing about summer is the level of energy you feel when you’re outside. And although I enjoy the city, summertime means it’s beach season, which is always exciting. And so, in the spirit of summer, I thought I’d give you some important tips on how to care for your jewelry during these warm months.

Swim, sun and sand
Let’s start with swimming. Cold water will make your fingers shrink, so no precious rings near the ocean, please! Also try to avoid contact between precious stones and chlorine. Chlorine (and other chemicals used in pools) can change the sheen or finish on your gems over time. If contact cannot be avoided, always rinse jewelry post-swim with fresh, lukewarm water. The same counts for saltwater. Salt is corrosive to copper, which means exposure to red gold is a no-no. It can also be absorbed by softer stones (like coral or turquoise), which causes them to rot from the inside out. If you can’t bear the thought of going to the beach bauble-less, stick to platinum or yellow gold. The brass and silver in yellow gold help make it more resilient.

And be aware of sand. Especially when you have kids and are likely to dig in the sand or make a beautiful sand castle with them; make sure you remove rings and best to leave them at home. Sand can cause scratching on metals and stones. And excessive exposure to harsh light and extreme heat can actually crack certain gemstones. This means not leaving pieces in a hot car.

Separate packing
If you are planning to travel this season, invest in a travel case with distinct compartments. Throwing all your jewelry in the side pocket of your wash-bag is n-o-t done! For example, necklaces tend to tangle up and a diamond (the hardest gemstone in the world) can scratch other gemstones or pearls. This is why it is important to always pack pieces in individual jewelry boxes or soft cloth pouches to prevent scratching, dulling and the dreaded tangling of chains.

Creams, sprays and lotions
Sunscreen won’t damage your jewelry, however I do recommend to always remove jewels before applying lotions or creams. Over time they can build up a film on your gemstones which reduces reflective light, which means less bling-bling as your stones won’t be as brilliant.

These were my summer jewelry care tips and how to protect your jewelry while traveling. Rest me to wish you all a wonderful summer vacation. Remember you must enjoy them as much as you can, they will not last forever. Visit all the places you have always wanted to know, enjoy great moments each day to the fullest, go to the beach, go shopping, enjoy!

Bon voyage,


Lillygrace – jewelry by Anne Renkema