Custom jewelry design

Custom Jewelry Design


Have you always been looking for a perfect, unique, and custom-made gift for your loved-one, friend, or maybe for simply spoiling yourself? Lillygrace accepts orders worldwide. You simply contact our team with the idea you have, the object/jewel you are looking for, and we make it happen. We can custom-design, reproduce existing work (see our gallery), or work with suggestions/ example images to create your unique and perfect end-product.



If you would like to order any of our products, please feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in a custom item or a personalized piece, follow the next steps and get in touch!


Step 1: Orientation

Determine what type of jewelry you would like. Find examples, look at our selection of creations in the gallery, browse the web, pay attention to what others wear.


Step 2: Request a quote

Send us a detailed description of the item you look for. Possibly you find it useful to send us example images to support your description and illustrate the direction you would like to go to. Alternatively you choose to keep your description short and let us come up with a unique design for you. We will review your wishes and come back to you with a tailored quote and time-estimate for delivery.



Please feel free to directly get in touch with the founder of Lillygrace, Anne Renkema:

Phone: +972 (0)54 222 5622